Custom Gutter Covers

Custom Gutter Covers


When gutters become clogged by leaves, and plant debris, your gutters can overflow which can cause damage to your landscaping, or the foundation of your home or business. With Shur Flo, you have one of the best solutions to keep leaves and debris from creating a clog in your gutters.

Palmetto State Gutters is proud to offer a gutter guard system backed by a company with 40 years of experience and based in the U.S.. U.S. Aluminum, Inc. was founded in 1978, and is a leading manufacturer of rain gutter accessories.


With the Shur Flo system, leaves, pine needles, twigs and small debris are suspended on top of the panel of your gutter system. With air circulation from above and below, this allows the leaves and debris to dry up and blow away in the wind. Shur Flo is installed to fit snugly to the top of your gutters. The low profile makes it almost impossible to spot from the ground. The Shur Flo system allows for an installation where there is no lifting or penetration of your roof shingles which is part of the reason the Shur Flo system will NOT void any roof warranties.


With years of experience, we have come to the conclusion that Shur Flo offers a top of the line solution at one of the most competitive prices. Any gutter guard system will have pros and cons, and with heavy downpours you can have water run over the top of the gutter system, but fortunately we do not experience that often.

We stand on honesty and we will not say something just to “get a sale”. If someone from a gutter company says you will “never clean your gutters again guaranteed”, they are probably telling a whopper as nobody can claim this truthfully! Some gutter guard solutions might say “if your gutter clogs–we will come clean them for free”…. but what is the guarantee that they will come back out. We have experienced multiple complaints from customers about these products that they have been charged $20-30.00 per linear foot for a gutter guard solution that doesn’t necessarily work any better. We live in South Carolina and at times everything can get very wet and messy and this can affect the way your gutter guard may work. You still need to maintain any gutter guard solution. If you have a bad leaf problem, we recommend you blow off your gutter guards annually when you clean your roof. With the Shur Flo system, it is easier to blow off debris f than to get up on a ladder and manually clean out your gutters. We stand by the Shur Flo product because it will allow for easier maintenance to your gutters and we will never over sell its value or capability. We are committed to an honest representation of this gutter guard system and this is why we believe that the customers that have bought this product from us are happy!


No More Clogged, Overflowing Gutters

  • No More Clogged, Overflowing Gutters
  • Shur Flo keeps your gutters free-flowing… forever.
  • Adds years of life to your gutter system.
  • Professionally installed by a factory trained contractor.

FAQ’s About Shur Flo: 

No, the perf flow drain holes allow only water to enter your gutters. Your gutter will always remain free flowin

Shur Flo’s capacity for water greatly exceeds U.S. record rainfall amounts.

No! Shur Flo can be installed on 5″ or 6″ gutters. Unless damaged, there is no need to replace your existing gutters.

Manufactured with high temper aluminum, it will never rust, rot or distort.

Yes, Shur Flo is installed on top of your gutters. It performs well with any type of roof material or roof pitch.

Yes! Testing shows Shur Flo’s filtration system keeps working even when covered by wet leaves or debris.

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Our mission is to cultivate and cement a honest and trustworthy gutter company while showing our children what can be created with hard work, integrity and honesty.

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Our mission is to cultivate and cement a honest and trustworthy gutter company while showing our children what can be created with hard work, integrity and honesty.

Joe & Ashlie are happy to be part of the Berkeley County community raising their family of 3 Alexis, Raelynn and Landyn and two dogs Bam and Bear! Transplanted here from the Pacific Northwest. Joe comes from a family that has owned and operated a very successful gutter installation company, and has translated that experience into a gutter company serving South Carolina. He is partnered with and supported by Ashlie with her business and management experience. They look forward to growing their business and community relationships with Berkeley County!